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About Project

Civil Status Software is implemented in all Municipalities and civil offices in Kosovo. It is web based application with more than 500 active users. It has several modules and user profiles.

Data migration was implemented from our staff by migrating data from older database versions to new database conforming laws and procedures for unique personal ID number generation. Web Services and data exchange interfaces are implemented to connect Civil Status Database with other governmental institutions in Kosovo like: Tax Administration, ID register system, etc.  Database consolidation processes were implemented when passing from Win to Web, i.e. when in created unique database for all citizens of Kosovo. Different processes required changes so we had to manage these changes to optimize overall project performance.

•Phase 1: Software development for interconnecting municipalities with central level (Kosovo Civil Status System)

•Phase 2: Interoperability - Advancing Civil Status in the E-Government

•Phase 3: Upgrading and maintenance of the Civil Status system

•Phase 4: Maintenance of Civil Status system

•Phase 5: Maintenance of the Civil Status System at ARC

All civil status certificates that are issued from the Republic of Kosovo are generated from our system. User training were conducted in different stages of the project. The software is progressively upgraded since it is a very important topic in Visa Liberalization process and it is of major importance for the state of Kosovo.

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