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Asset Management System is implemented in all Municipalities, agencies and ministries of Republic of Kosovo. It is web based application with more than 15000 users.

It has several modules and user profiles. In the first phase the software is developed and implemented in almost all Ministries, Municipalities and Agencies. Data migration was implemented from our staff by migrating data from older database versions to new database conforming laws and procedures asset management. User training were conducted in different stages of the project. Document workflow was required for this project when processing request for materials from all SMP users. In the second phase, the system was upgraded and maintained for another one year. The third phase was about the support and maintenance for one year.  The fourth phase was about the support and maintenance for three years.  The fifth phase was about the support and maintenance for three years.  AMS has two components: Hardware infrastructure and software component designed and implemented entirely from our staff.

•Phase 1 (2009-2010):  Wealth Management System within e-Governance (e-Wealth)

•Phase 2 (2010-2011):   Upgrading the e-Wealth system

•Phase 3 (2012-2013):   Maintenance of the Asset Management System in the framework of E-Governance

•Phase 4 (2014-2017):   Supporting e-Wealth project

•Phase 5 (2017-2020):   Supporting e-Wealth project

Software is developed in major phases: Requirement Analysis, Database and User Interface Design and Coding, Testing, Deployment and Implementation, and Support and Maintenance period because of our professional work, we won another contract for maintenance and support.

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